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Functions and features

CommonsBooking gives you the opportunity to offer items (e.g. cargo bikes, tools) for communal use.

CommonsBooking is a WordPress plugin and can therefore be easily integrated into existing websites.

Key features

Book flexibly

  • New: Multiple bookings per day (for example: booking by the hour)
  • Complete booking process (checkout) with booking codes
  • Configurable booking limits
  • Confirmation emails to clients and stations
  • Front-end map with filter options

Easy administration

  • New: Designated managers can manage items assigned by admins
  • Automatic booking confirmation: Users can book items without the need for administration.



CommonsBooking is continuously under development. The following milestones are part of the planned further development:

  • Improved Metadata
  • Implementing the Commons API

Application areas

The WordPress plugin was originally developed for the needs of the “free cargo bike” movement, but it can be used for the rental of any items.

  • You/your organization has tools that are not used on a daily basis and you want to make them available to local groups.
  • You own a cargo bike and want to share it with the community, it should be stationed at different locations throughout the year.

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