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      Michal Sindelar

      Hi, we are starting a cargo bike library in Brno, Czechia, and during testing several people complained that reservation system is not in Czech language 😀

      I will gladly translate it, is there a way to implement new language into plugin, please?

      And THANK YOU VERY MUCH for developing this plugin.

      Best from Czechia Best in covid,


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      Hey Michal,

      We are very happy that you are starting a cargo bike project. You can create and edit a translation yourself using the WordPress translation feature.
      Here you can find the link to the CommonsBooking Plugin translation page:

      More information in the manual: (GlotPress)

      You have to register as a translator at WordPress and then you can create your own language.The translation is then automatically available in the plugin.

      Would you like to provide us with a link to your project.. We are curious 😉
      We are happy to help you with further questions or the installation.

      Many greetings,
      The CommonsBooking Team

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      I saw in the link you provided in the comment that you are using the old commons booking plugin. The old one is called “Commons Booking”

      We have developed a new one which is available on wordpress too. It is called “CommonsBooking”.

      We would recommend to use this version cause the old version is not maintained any longer.
      There is also a migration / import tool integrated in the new version to make it easy for you to switch to the new version.

      Best regards,

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      Michal Sindelar

      Oh thansk for a quicky reply, the website is

      yes, i know there is a newer plugin version and we are about to upgrade

      i am going to register as a translator and translate the plugin to czech

      thanks & best

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      Michal Sindelar

      well, i’ve run into some troubles with wordpress translation editors so I am doing a local translation using Loco Translate.


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      Hi Michal,
      i noticed that you already translated about 60% into Czech. We would be happy to help you out to finish the translation process. Please write us at and we will try our best to find a solution to integrate Czech translation into wordpress translation directory and help other Czech speaking people to use CommonsBooking. Thank you in advance for your efforts.

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      Michal Sindelar

      hi christian, i’ve run into another trouble using the loco translate thingy, so I am going to translate the plugin the official way, I am already in contact with the editors to overcome initial difficulties, the plugin should be available in Czech in two weeks.

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