Different opening hours for specific weekdays

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      Michal Sindelar

      Hi, we would like to have different opening hours for specific weekdays, to allow user to return an item in the evening we decided to have evening hours e.g. for Thursday and Friday.

      I’ve created two timeframes for this – “normal” timeframe with weekly repetition, Monday Tuesday Wednesday selected and start time 10.00 and endtime 16.00. The other timeframe is evening one with weekly repetition, Thursday and Friday selected, start time 14.00 and endtime 19.00. I’ve paired those timeframes with an item.

      In calendar I can now see pickup and return times according to a selected weekday.

      It seems to work. Can you tell me if this is correct approach?



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      Michal Sindelar

      BTW, what will happen to already existing bookinks if I change timeframes?

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      Hi Michal,

      Perfect. You have chosen exactly the right approach 🙂
      We are glad that you were able to implement these requirements in this way.

      Regarding the bookings:
      Once the booking is created, it is independent of the timeframe settings. All relevant data concerning the booking is stored in the booking.
      Changes to timeframes therefore have no effect on existing bookings.

      Are you joining the Cargo bike conference tomorrow?
      I will send you the invitation per mail.
      Best regards,

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      Michal Sindelar

      Hi Christian,

      thanks for your answer. I’ve registered the conference invitation only too late on Saturday afternoon, I had one too many beers on Friday and was able to get up only late on Saturday…

      Sorry I couldn’t be there.

      Best, Michal

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