Share your commons with others

The wordpress-plugin gives associations, groups and individuals the ability to share items (e.g. cargobikes, tools) with users. It is based on the idea of Commons and sharing resources for the benefit of the community.

It was developed for the “commons cargo bike” movement across Germany and Austria, but it can use it for any kind items.

Unique features

  • Items, locations and timeframes: No need for a “centralised storage”, items can be assigned to different locations for the duration of a timeframe, each with their own contact information.
  • Simple booking process: A booking is at least one full day, just pick the date on the calendar.
  • Auto-accept bookings: A registered user can book items without the need for administration.

Use cases

  • You/your associations owns special tools that are not in use every day, and you want to make them available to a local group.
  • You own a cargo bike that you want to share with the community, and it will be placed at different locations throughout the year.

Getting started

Get the last stable Plugin-Version in the wordpress plugin directory or download the newest version from Github.