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Create a station

Station description

Use the large text editor at the top of the station page only for the detailed description of your station (type of station, project backgrounds, link to website, etc.). This description appears on the station details page.


Complete the address data with street, house number, postal code and location in the designated fields.

Station image

On request, an image can be displayed at the station in the front end. The post image is defined on the right under the "publish" button.

Allow overbooking of blocked days

If you create a booking period (see Create the booking period), you can choose whether bookings are only possible on certain days of the week.

General location information

In the location information, you define what information is displayed for pickup, etc., when:

  • Pick-up information (opening hours, pick-up process, etc.) is displayed on the item page and throughout the booking process.
  • Location email: E-mail address to which the booking confirmation email will be sent.
  • Contact information (email and phone number) will not appear on the confirmation page until after booking
  • Station Adminstrators: Select one or more users to allow them to edit and manage that particular location. Only users with the role cb_manager can be selected here.