Via the CommonsAPI, it is possible that the files of individual local CommonsBooking plugins are connected to central platforms (such as .B Germany-wide directories of free cargo bikes or, if necessary, cross-border portals) via an interface. Activation and data control will of course be set by you.

Privacy Notice

If you only install CommonsBooking, the plugin is not automatically connected to CommonsAPI and there are no connections to external services or platforms. By default, all data is only stored locally on your website. Only when you have installed and set up the additional CommonsAPI plugin will a corresponding data exchange take place.

How CommonsAPI and CommonsHUB work

Initiatives lend commons through CommonsBooking (or other software).

The CommonsBooking plugin publishes (pushed) data in CommonsAPI format.

External portals, we call you CommonsHub, place the commons across platforms, e.B. on a map.